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Synthethic Lashes To Understanding
Jun 16, 2017

Now popular eyelashes fashion, which last respected the United States eyelashes technology is grafting eyelashes. Although we often go to graft eyelashes or often listen to the people around to talk about grafting eyelashes, but our team to understand the eyelash is also a certain limit. So now, Synthethic Lashes let us first look at the type of grafted eyelashes itFirst, from the material points

At present the most popular is the synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by mink hair. So, what is the difference between these three kinds of eyelashes, why would it be popular? We first look at synthetic lashes, compared to the other two kinds of eyelashes, synthetic lashes are relatively hard, but its curl and shape is better, grafted, it can clearly reflect the effect of the United States eyelashes. Synthethic Lashes Protein fiber eyelashes are also many types, to silk protein fiber eyelashes, Synthethic Lashes for example, this eyelash is the closest to the natural eyelashes, relatively soft, with a certain shape and curling, grafting effect is very natural. Finally, the mink hair, which is a very soft eyelashes, grafted, in addition to the eyelashes can be thick, slender, but also very soft and comfortable. But very easy to change

From the eyelashes curling degree points

Generally can be divided into the following three:

C roll: strong curl, useful curly hair rolled up feeling, looks like a doll, but with the natural eyelashes

Hair paste part of the weak, easy to fall off.

J: the end of the natural roll up, suitable for the Japanese use eyelashes, very natural, the most popular .. And natural eyelash paste part of the strong,

Maintains longer.

Volume B: Moderate curvature, no exaggeration after grafting is very beautiful.

Thick black paste contains silk gelatin, VE and pearl gloss factor, nutrition repair, tough eyelashes, enhance the gloss, the United States eyelashes + dense + long + bright, Synthethic Lashes deep eyes charm difficult to block. Perfect to take care of the eyes of small eyelashes; shaped brush head, designed for the Asian female eye contours and set up, accurately grasp each eyelash, and instantly create a curling effect; double brush head to take, makeup Variety.

Breaking the traditional mascara technology Jiao Chan silk Hyun Mei mascara combination, you can instantly create rich and dense, slender curly dream of the United States eyelashes, so perfect the United States eyelashes makeup effect, like a dream Barbie like you go hand in hand.