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Synthethic Lashes Material
Jun 30, 2017

True eyelashes average 60 to 90 days off once, Synthethic Lashes but the new eyelashes followed by long in the back, so that we did not notice. Synthethic Lashes And then the eyelashes are sticking to the original eyelashes, an average of a week to a few months, with the real eyelashes fall and fall off, so an average of six to eight prayers once.

Generally by the synthetic polyester, Synthethic Lashes silk and mink made of, you can adjust the length of any.

Yes, but the brush will usually cause it to fall off or relax, but also try to avoid the use of waterproof mascara, only the mascara brush in the tail of the eyelashes like. Synthethic Lashes Usually pick up the eyelashes do not need to brush again

Cleansing oil with the time to be very careful, you can use cotton swab or brush gently cleaning, Synthethic Lashes a wide range of remover is recommended with a remover cotton.

Their own eyelashes on the very few people, Synthethic Lashes because there is no bottom to let it convergence; eyelashes too many people, because three days off a eyelash and no need to take false eyelashes; Synthethic Lashes too often rub the eyes of people are not suitable for Oh.

Try to lie down in front, because the average person is not tummy is sleeping, Synthethic Lashes but the front sleep can be avoided being pulled off. Synthethic Lashes To maintain thick and deep eyelashes, Synthethic Lashes but also to restrain their own hands can not rub.

Grafted eyelashes The choice of what kind of material entirely in accordance with personal preferences to choose, different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Grafted false eyelashes from the material points, the most popular is the synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by mink hair. Synthethic Lashes These three kinds of eyelashes have the following differences:

See synthetic eyelashes, compared to the other two kinds of eyelashes, synthetic lashes are relatively hard, but it's curl and shape is better, after grafting, you can clearly reflect the effect of the United States eyelashes.

Protein fiber eyelashes are also many types, to silk protein fiber eyelashes, Synthethic Lashes for example, this eyelash is the closest to the natural eyelashes, Synthethic Lashes relatively soft, Synthethic Lashes with a certain shape and curling, grafting effect is very natural.

Finally, the mink hair, which is a very soft eyelashes, grafted, in addition to the eyelashes can be thick, slender, but also very soft and comfortable.

& Quot; Mascara & quot; refers to a composition intended to be applied to keratin fibers which may be a keratin fiber cosmetic composition, a keratin fiber make-up base or a base coat, Synthethic Lashes a composition applied over the mascara ( Also known as Top Coat), or a cosmetic composition for treating keratin fibers. The mascara is more particularly intended for use in human keratin fibers and for false eyelashes. Synthethic Lashes Eye makeup compositions, also known as eyelashes, & quot; mascara & quot ;, Synthethic Lashes are usually composed of wax or a mixture of waxes dispersed in the aqueous phase using the at least one surfactant, which also contains polymers and pigments. Synthethic Lashes The desired application specificity of the cosmetic composition, such as their fluidity, their ability to cover and / or their ability to flexure, is usually adjusted by means of qualitative and quantitative selection of the wax and the polymer. Thus, various compositions can be produced which, in particular, cause a variety of effects, Synthethic Lashes such as lengthening, engraving and / or thickening (loading effects), when applied to the eyelashes.