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Synthethic Lashes Different Relationships
Jun 02, 2017

Synthethic Lashes Is the eyelash of grafting eyelash selected more soft and better? Recently grafted mink hair eyelashes, feel more soft and warped than before, but looks messy, Synthethic Lashes facing different places, not neat, because not to pick up, or because of the different relationship between eyelashes?

Grafting eyelashes How to choose the material according to personal preferences, different materials have advantages and disadvantages.

Grafting false eyelashes from the material points, the most popular is the artificial synthesis of eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, followed by sable hair. Synthethic Lashes These three lashes have the following differences:

Look at artificial synthetic eyelashes, compared to the other two eyelashes, artificial synthetic eyelashes is relatively hard, but it's curl and shape is better, after grafting, it can be very obvious to reflect the effect of the United States.

Protein fiber eyelashes are also a lot of kinds, on the silk protein fiber eyelashes For example, this eyelash is the most close to natural eyelashes, relatively soft,Synthethic Lashes  with a certain shape and curl, grafting effect is very natural.

The last is mink fur, which is an extremely soft eyelash, after grafting, in addition to make eyelashes thick, slender, but also very soft and comfortable.

Artificial eyelashes

Advantages: Low prices, diverse styles, individual colors can be selected

Disadvantages: The material is hard, heavy, easy to collapse eyelashes

1, grafting eyelashes that day, perhaps the eyelash after the 5-8 hours, Synthethic Lashes as far as possible not to let the eyelashes in the water for a long time, perhaps is filled with hot gas, steam of the local, in order to ensure that the glue to grafting eyelashes thoroughly dry.

2, after grafting eyelash, can not use hand perhaps towel cuolong eyes. Random Cuolong eyes, not only on the grafting of the eyelash formation of adverse effects on our own eyelashes will also form a different degree of damage.

3, do not expect the grafting eyelash is permanent. The grafting eyelash generally can maintain 4-6 weeks, the grafting eyelash will fall with itself eyelash falls, the eyelash growth cycle is different, Synthethic Lashes the maintenance situation is different, the eyelash maintains the time is also different.

4, grafting eyelashes by changing the density of our own eyelashes, length, curl to complete the beauty of the eyelash, so that our eyes more beautiful, more God. Just grafted eyelashes, Synthethic Lashes do not recommend the use of oily cosmetics, even if it is necessary to disguise, then the best use of fresh-type eye makeup, in addition, in the removal of eye makeup, to try to gently avoid grafting eyelashes.

5, after grafting eyelashes, the United States is now very prominent effect, should try to avoid the use of mascara, especially oily strong mascara you can draw eyeliner, Synthethic Lashes but in uninstall, as far as possible do not use oily strong uninstall water, otherwise it will affect the cohesion and durability of the grafted eyelash glue. It is best to use eyelash maintenance liquid every day may be with eyelash comb to arrange eyelashes, this will make eyelashes more smooth, beautiful ciliary effect will be very good.