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Synthethic Lashes Attention To The Five Matters
Aug 22, 2017

The difference between silk and synthetic eyelashes is: silk eyelashes slightly lighter, suitable for some people who want natural softness. Composition eyelashes can be very good to adhere to the eye and curl more shiny, in appearance, the composition of the role of eyelashes slightly better than silk eyelashes. What is the difference between silk and the composition of the eyelashes? Let's now clear it.

After the success of grafting eyelashes, should pay attention to the five major issues!

1, grafted eyelashes the same day, perhaps after 5-8 hours of grafting eyelashes, try not to let the eyelashes in the long-term bubble in the water, perhaps long in the hot air, water vapor to ensure that the glue grafted eyelashes thoroughly dry.

2, after grafting eyelashes, can not hand towel rubbing his eyes. Free to rub your eyes, not only the formation of a bad impact on the grafted eyelashes, eyelashes on our own will also form a different degree of damage.

3, do not expect to graft eyelashes is permanent. Grafted eyelashes are generally able to maintain 4-6 weeks, grafted eyelashes fall with their own eyelashes fall, eyelashes growth cycle is not the same, the conservation situation is not the same, the moment to keep the eyelashes is not the same.

4, grafting eyelashes by changing the density of our own eyelashes, length, curl to complete the United States eyelashes, so that our eyes more beautiful, more God. Just grafted eyelashes, do not recommend the use of oily cosmetics, even if it is necessary to make-up, then the best use of fresh eye cosmetics, in addition, in the removal of eye makeup, try to be gentle, try to avoid grafted eyelashes.

5, after grafting eyelashes, the role of eyelashes is now very significant, should try to avoid the use of mascara, especially oily mascara you can draw eyeliner, but in the unloading, try not to use oily strong unloading water, otherwise Will affect the sticky eyelash glue viscosity, and durability. The best daily use of eyelash care solution may be finishing with eyelashes eyelashes eyelashes, this will make the eyelashes more smooth, the role of the United States eyelashes will be very good.