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Selection Of False Eyelashes
Jan 21, 2017

1, the stem is too thick, too hard, light flashing plastic. Terrier draw thick eyeliner is too thick to hide, accidentally becomes heavy makeup. Too bold eyelashes are reflective in the light, reveal the plastic feeling.

2 Alice, wool too thick, too, revealing illusion. Daily wear false eyelashes, wears well after "curling, length" over NG! top of the orbit to the eyebrows, eyes OMG! surprise!

3, natural and comfortable soft stem. Eyelash stem is thin and soft, pleasing when you paste, eye, eye end easy to tilt.

4 long, thick, not too much, a modest sense of space. Remember to select their inferior great false eyelashes, Eyelash "thick, long, dense" a little is good, try to get their Eyelash than on, as close as possible.

Double eyelid Eyelash nothing fussy, any paragraph or any material that could control. Eyes in particular, also to match the right makeup, of course. False eyelashes editors recommend you choose cotton, cotton stems of fake eyelashes not easily tilted, not transparent, but post it is relatively invisible, not eyeliner is also OK, so I don't have to worry about: eyeliner makeup.