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Paste False Eyelashes And Lash Extension Compared Have Different Advantages And Disadvantages
Jan 21, 2017

Cost comparison

Lash extension: a lash extension costs at least hundreds of and many thousands of.

False eyelashes: a pair of false eyelashes more than 10 Yuan to hundreds of range, but can be reused.

Nursing comparison

Lash extension: within 4 hours after grafting, eyes wet. Avoid rubbing your eyes and other movements, but also in the time of cleansing, try to avoid the eye area, use cotton swab to wipe clean around the eye.

False eyelashes: dismount the same day.

Effect comparison

Lash extension: lash extension need according to each person's needs and their own eyes, eyelashes grafting. Beautician's false eyelashes grafting materials and methods.

False eyelashes: also have a variety of options, so the effects matched it.