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Importance Of Beauty Eyelash
Jan 21, 2017

Love put false eyelashes mascara, people, please read the following words aloud 10 times. Experts point out that interpersonal attraction consists of three steps, attract the eye, showing advantages, closer together. Long eyelashes in these three steps have a driving role, then immediately look at the 3 major benefits of longer lashes.

1, against the whites of the eyes down to the long, thick eyelashes, white color is lighter, more tender and delicate femininity. Meanwhile, whites also represents youth and health.

2, Eyelash beauty effect is very large, if you exaggerate the eyes, motionless eyes are difficult to convey affection, people favor, send invitation signals, mainly depends on the movement of the eyeball and eyelids open and close. Flutter eyelashes eye move more clear, more expressive.

3, adjusting the proportions of the face of strangers, wary of more or less, long eyelashes make eyes appear bigger, proportions of the face look like babies, not only is safety, not a threat, but innocent, delicate, make you want to close and protected.