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How To Paste False Eyelashes
Feb 05, 2018

Like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes, the correct use makes the eyes lovely, otherwise the United States is more ugly. How to wear false eyelashes?

1. Just buy the false eyelashes can not be worn immediately, you have enough time and energy to trim the false eyelashes for your length. The ideal false eyelashes should be attached one by one, this is the most natural. But many women like to use eyelashes, this is more convenient.

2. The color most suitable for oriental women is dark brown or black, which naturally blends with your own eyelashes.

3. Trim false eyelashes carefully. Do not leave false eyelashes from outer corner to inner corner. If you look closely at your own eyelashes, you will find that the inner corners of the eye do not have long eyelashes, so you should false eyelashes within a millimeter of the corner of the eye. Most false eyelashes on the market come with adhesive, if not, you can use surgical adhesive.