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How To Make Eye Lashes Sticking
Jan 21, 2017

How to make eyelashes up? the girls all love hypnotic eyes, a pair of thick, long eyelashes is the must-have accessory. But how to build into a permanent topic below to broadcast how to make eye lashes tilt tips! hope to harvest after reading the Oh!

Eye lash curling methods:

1, and clear up lids

Clip the eyelashes first step is to choose the right kind of Eyelash curlers. Eyelash curler has a different arc, of right and wrong, respectively, some Eyelash curler is used to clip a whole row of eyelashes and eyelash curler is used to clip a small handful of eyelashes. When you're really caught eyes lashes, head slightly raised, eyes down looking in the mirror and put curlers in the closest position of the eyelid, with a moderate clip eyes lashes the bottom position. And then gradually to the middle of the eyelash clip a second time, finally at the third location folder at the root of the eyelashes. This is, at least three separate lashes clamp, unique if eyelashes are longer than the average person can be separated to hold four or five times, so that whole row of eyelashes can be explicitly raised.

2, distinctive brush out the roots

Clip after good eyelashes, eyelashes one by one up. When it comes to eye lashes, mascara color for mainstreaming include: black and Brown. Want to choose some of the more special colors, color there is much that can be considered, including: blue, purple, green, red, and so on. Method of eye lashes are, with a touch of mascara brush, with "z" shaped approach, at the bottom of lashes to the top, and gently sweep on mascara. "Z" shape advantages of the technique, can avoid a pinch of pinch and not in the eyelash strips. Finished, longer eyelashes Eyelash comb away. In this way, one's eyelashes can clearly show, blinking eyes will have more effect.