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Eyelashes Often Fall Off, Will All Finish Off
Jan 21, 2017

Get up in the morning a lot of people are habitual knead and rub your eyes, occasionally a few eyelashes fall off in the Palm. Already few eyelashes, fall off like that again, will become more and more scarce?

Like all hair eyelashes actually, after fall off naturally through the body's metabolism to grow back. Hair replacement is regular and cycles. Its life cycle is divided into growth, telogen. So the hair will always fall off, and then new. As long as the hair roots were not compromised, will continue to grow new hair.

Yet to prove that vitamin e can promote the growth of eyelashes

Through the food whether it can achieve the purpose of the eyelash? currently does not have sufficient research and data shows that what types of food intake can promote the growth of eyelashes. From the Chinese perspective, yishen fluid foods can promote hair growth, such as walnuts and cheese, yams, polygonum multiflorum, black fungus, Hoang Tanh. Although there is no data, but that more of these foods also moisturizes your skin taking effect, so it'll be good to eat.