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Eyelashes Glue Use Method And Save
Jun 16, 2017

But the United States eyelashes special glue is different, and the United States and the United States and the United States and the preservation of different methods, Eyelashes Glue the aging rate is different, so to determine the use of time. Different manufacturers of glue life is also different, the general principle is "unopened for about three months", Kaifeng after the use of a period of 70 days. "Kaifeng after a period of time, glue will become sticky, sticky artificial eyelashes will drag Silk, and the hardening rate becomes slow.Pelite has begun to aging, should stop using the rest. Often hear the glue can not be used hard, Kaifeng a week after the glue is not sticky, in fact, Eyelashes Glue this is mainly because "not tighten the cap "," Did not put the cap. Nozzle glue on the clean clean. "Glue and the air will be a small amount of water reaction, so save is to pay attention.

 The glue is usually sold in the aluminum pouch together with the desiccant.To prevent the aging of the glue caused by moisture, it is necessary to wipe the glue and the dirt attached to the nozzle and the cap, tighten the cap, tighten the cap, seal the aluminum bag, (18 ~ 23 degrees Celsius) Place up to keep the glue bottle Please put the glue bottle again into the aluminum foil bag, the upright state on the cool and low temperature children should not touch the location. Aluminum foil bags have the role of light, there are desiccant, Eyelashes Glue can absorb moisture. Glue Kaifeng after the best use of a period of one month, unopened plastic shelf life of three months. Glue must not be stored separately, must be installed in a formal container or tin foil bag, with a special special container storage glue.

Glue will gradually aging, so to save the glue good use of the effect, the most ideal is a month or so for a loss or as a problem when the backup glue. If the unopened state to save more than 1 month need to be set at the temperature Of about 12 degrees Celsius in the cosmetics store. However, Eyelashes Glue there is no humidity management function, need to pay attention to moderate management, can not be used in the home refrigerator or freezer.

 General refrigerator temperature is too low, will lead to condensation inside the glue container, the temperature may be too late to accelerate the aging of the glue, Eyelashes Glue it may damage the original performance. If there is no cosmetic freezer, it is best to purchase regularly without the need for spare glue.

First, the use of glue for the first time Kaifeng. Eyelashes Glue Please stand upright in the hands of the other beat the other palm left and right shake 50

Under the use of impact force to shake the glue evenly. Can not be inverted shake. Will open the lid of the glue "spray glue" phenomenon.

2. Open the bottle upside down to the vertical state of light squeeze the bottle (without too much force glue will naturally drop)

Light squeeze glue in the special beauty of the eyelash water at the first drop of glue should not be used in the next drop of the second drop of glue, two small drops of soybeans can be used.

Glue out of the color is all black, referring to the surface and inside are black. If the glue appears grayish transparent color or inside the black outer ring gray, that glue did not shake, please cover the lid to keep shaking

Three times each time to ensure that the bottle has been tightened, Eyelashes Glue screw cover before the need to pay attention to matters:

1. Do not spill the glue on the edge of the nozzle

2. Make sure that the glue on the edge of the nozzle is wiped clean when the glue is no longer overflowing from the nozzle.

3. Wipe the tip of the nozzle and cap inside the cap and tighten the cap.