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Eyelashes Glue Use Effect
Jul 11, 2017

The glue is usually sold in the aluminum pouch together with the desiccant. Eyelashes Glue To prevent the aging of the glue caused by the moisture, Eyelashes Glue it is necessary to clean the glue and dirt attached to the nozzle and the cap, tighten the cap, seal the aluminum bag, (Dark place at 19-23 ° C).

Glue will gradually aging, Eyelashes Glue so to maintain good use of glue effect, Eyelashes Glue the most ideal is a month or so for a change.

If it is a spare glue, you can save the refrigerator in the temperature of about 12 ℃, but there is no humidity management function, need to pay attention to temperature management, Eyelashes Glue remember not in the home with the refrigerator or freezer storage. Because the general refrigerator temperature is too low, will lead to "glue inside the container condensation", "too low temperature" may make the aging of the glue to speed up, Eyelashes Glue it may damage the original performance, if there is no cosmetic storage, the best regular purchase, no spare glue.

1. The first step to wake up, about gently shake the glue about a minute (about 60-90 times);

2. Dijiao time to do vertical Dijiao, Eyelashes Glue to prevent the bottle of glue residue, and air contact will lead to oxidation, reduce glue life, Eyelashes Glue and before and after use to pay attention to the bottle wipe clean;

3. The use of glue in the process to less drop the principle of change, 1-2 drops can be, especially in summer;

4. Gently squeeze the air in the glue bottle until the glue no longer overflows, Eyelashes Glue tighten the cap, the cap does not react with the glue, Eyelashes Glue can ensure that the glue is not blocked;

5. Use a special Dijiao tool;

After use, placed vertically in the sealed aluminum foil bag, cool to avoid direct sunlight, Eyelashes Glue the temperature of 19-23 degrees can be stored at room temperature.

If the amount of eyelash glue is small, Eyelashes Glue it is recommended to buy vials of glue; glue bottle is the best transparent bottle of high purity HDPE material.

False eyelash glue is mainly used for false eyelash bonding, mainly used in the cosmetics industry. Eyelashes Glue The main supply to the majority of cosmetics dealers.Eyelashes Glue Fake eyelash glue has two kinds of black glue and white glue. Black glue can also be both eyeliner.

If the false eyelash glue accidentally splashed into the eyes, should immediately seek medical treatment. False eyelash glue cold weather easy to solidify, Eyelashes Glue need to be well preserved. Eyes are very easy to allergic parts, if it is sensitive to the skin, Eyelashes Glue the use of false eyelash glue before you need to do allergy test. If you have any allergies, please disable it immediately.