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Eyelashes Glue The Use Of The Effect
Aug 09, 2017

The shelf life of the glue is generally 6-9 months, Eyelashes Glue the main components of cyanoacrylate and polymethyl methacrylate, glue and air in the water and gas, the solvent evaporation agent polymerization heat, the contact surface to form a tough Of the viscosity; because the solvent instantaneous steam, so will smell the smell. Humidity on the glue a greater impact, usually the greater the humidity, Eyelashes Glue glue drying faster. There is a spray on the market, after grafting in the grafted eyelashes spray a spray, the purpose is to promote the glue dry. If the air is too dry, the polymerization of the glue will be insufficient, and the eyelashes will become weak. Eyelashes Glue If the water in the air is too heavy, it is easy to produce whitening when grafting.

Grafting eyelash glue on the market, many are very easy to dry, so many brands of glue need to be stored in the refrigerator or cold storage. But the temperature of the refrigerator and the cold storage is often too low, Eyelashes Glue and the humidity is too large. In the environment where the temperature is too low, the aging rate of the glue will be accelerated. In such an environment for a period of time, although not yet Kaifeng, open the use of the original firmness and other performance indicators have declined, the use of the effect is certainly poor. Therefore, if you can not manage the temperature and humidity of the storage environment well, Eyelashes Glue it is recommended that you do a good job in purchasing management and regularly purchase glue without the need for spare glue.

Eyelash glue will gradually aging, if you want to keep the glue good use effect, the ideal situation is to buy a new batch of glue, and in a month or so is the best use, Eyelashes Glue at most should also be used within 2 months , Such glue freshness and durability are very good. SE brand glue, each batch is the latest production by foreign factories, Eyelashes Glue production immediately after the completion of EMS express to China, from production to express to China generally only need ten days, and then through distributors within 30 days of distribution to the salon customers and the United States Eyelashes, we are about half a month or so to purchase abroad. Good glue procurement and distribution management, Eyelashes Glue in order to fully guarantee the freshness and durability of glue.

We run the eyelash glue quality are excellent, Eyelashes Glue all for the imported products, solid, low thorny, long shelf life, not easy to aging, are more economical, generally do not need to keep in the refrigerator or cold storage, only in the shade can be kept The To prevent moisture caused by aging of the glue, after each use, please Mimi nozzle and cap attached to the glue and dirt on the clean, tighten the cap, Eyelashes Glue erected in a dry and cool environment, Eyelashes Glue to avoid sunlight, Good temperature is 18 to 23 degrees. If you can put in the container, and put some desiccant is better.