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Eyelashes Glue How To Make Double Eyelids
Aug 22, 2017

How do eyelash glue make double eyelids? Instructions:

1) Before making makeup, clean the eyelid part first. Facing the mirror, squinting an eye, with a pen tip in your desired part of a 2-3 mm width of the line;

2) squinting about 5 to 10 seconds after the glue began to solidify. With the attached fork in the close below the glue gently after the press down. You can form a natural line. At this point, in order to better fixed the lines have been formed, the eyes as wide as possible, to maintain 5 to 10 seconds without blinking, you can help glue the most perfect lines of achievement.

3) When the lines are not clear or have sagging, repeat the solution.

4) rubbing the time, absolutely can not hand rub or forced removal, should use the unloading liquid scrub, you can easily remove the glue.

5) After the product is used, be sure to tighten the lid immediately.

The beginning of the technology is not too skilled ~ may lead to the eye of the sticky ~ it is normal! One or two can be very skilled after the sticky into a pair of eyelids