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Eyelashes Glue Effect
Jun 30, 2017

Eyelashes Glue Why a lot of actress encounter "exile to the island can only bring a cosmetic" old-fashioned problem, are selected mascara? Because the Asian girls most of the rough eyelashes, naked eyelashes do not seem to wake up, and thick eyelashes not only enlarge their eyes, Eyelashes Glue but also make eyes more God. Fortunately, in addition to mascara now, there are false eyelashes and eyelashes a variety of ways

Single eyelid people, Eyelashes Glue no obvious folds on the eyelids, not three-dimensional, eyelash roots are not obvious. Single eyelids more common in Asia, so this eye has also been called "Asian eyes".

Within the eyes of the type of people, Eyelashes Glue the upper eyelid eyelids more swollen, eyelashes root deeply hidden in the eyelids, eyelashes are not curling, it is easy to rush to the ground growth. Brush eyelashes are easy to sticky eyelids are everywhere, painted 5mm thick eyeliner is also open eyes did not

Double eyelid people, unique conditions, Eyelashes Glue eyelashes obvious, more than the general eye more curly. The same length of eyelashes, double eyelids look longer. Eyeliner is also better painting, eyes look bigger.

From the positive point of view, Eyelashes Glue single-eyed girls for false eyelashes, the effect is not exaggerated, but must choose the natural models of false eyelashes. Eyelashes Glue Followed by the effect of grafting eyelashes is also good, but do not need too much emphasis on the length of eyelashes at the end of eye. Mascara effect is limited, for the effect of single eyelids is not obvious.

From the side, single eyelid girls are more suitable for planting false eyelashes or lashes. And the best choice of thick short coarse false eyelashes, double eyelids will appear very exaggerated. But will make your single fold is very spiritual, and let your eyes can be vertical and horizontal pull, Eyelashes Glue but very natural, mainly refreshing effect is very very obvious.

Single or long eyelashes eyepiece is too clear false eyelashes will look very violated, and increase the sense of age, but thick eyelashes will make single eyelids look more natural.

False eyelashes reason why "false", because it is too neat, Eyelashes Glue natural growth of the eyelashes is not the case. Choose short and short staggered false eyelashes will naturally many

First to measure the length of your eyes, Eyelashes Glue so as to be able to properly cut the length of false eyelashes. Remove the false eyelashes, according to the length of the eye to trim false eyelashes, the most important thing is to fake eyelashes around the fingers, used to soften the hardness of eyelashes.

Brush on the eyelash glue after waiting for 10 seconds, first find false false eyelashes gently press the middle of the eyes, and then press the two paste false eyelashes. Eyelashes Glue After the use of tweezers must be used to adjust the fit of false eyelashes. Finally, with the fingers of the false eyelashes down to press, and their own eyelashes more integration.

Similarly, we come to the eye model, through three different methods to compare the effect. Within the eyes of the type is actually the most likely to become double eyelid, Eyelashes Glue through the double eyelid tape can be done. Within the eyes of the eyelashes can be strengthened at the end of the eye or thicker, you can paste the end of the half, or natural slender full.

Eyelid eyes are often more round and large, Eyelashes Glue eyelash root is more obvious, so as long as the paste false eyelashes will be seen, if blindly to enlarge the eyes and choose too long false eyelashes, the effect will only be too exaggerated. In fact, Eyelashes Glue just a simple brush on the mascara, you can let your eyelashes naturally enlarged.

Eyelashes Jingkan mountains before the favorite is the pig like a rake-like eyelashes, Eyelashes Glue enlarged eyes are not the longer the better eyelashes, Eyelashes Glue if not walking all day on the red carpet, the more suitable for me and other mortals.