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Eyelashes Glue Choose Your Own
Jun 02, 2017

 The main ingredient of the grafted eyelash glue is ethyl cyano-acrylate, its chemical property is 70 Shan, the boiling point 90 Shan, Eyelashes Glue the normal temperature storage period can reach 3-12 months. As to the health of life related to the drug storage requirements are the most stringent, drug regulations on the definition of room temperature is 30, cool library for not more than 20 Shan, so big can not.

On the contrary, refrigerator refrigeration due to the ventilation, humidity is large, from the refrigerator after taking out again because of large temperature difference, Eyelashes Glue easy to produce condensation droplets, directly affect the life of the eyelash glue.

The eyelash glue storage remembers room temperature, Eyelashes Glue ventilated dry, airtight, shading. Summer rain, air humid, should be stored in a sealed tank best; Because the glue container itself is shading, it is not important to have the sealing jar shaded or not. Recommended storage temperature of 25 Shan below, after each use to clear the bottle after remaining gum, tighten the lid after the airtight tank storage.

A good beauty of the eyelash must be able to choose their own glue, each of the United States will be based on their actual proficiency in the degree of different choice of glue.

Novice in just contact with eyelash grafting will inevitably encounter some problems, eyelashes did not clip good, eyelashes are crooked off, these will slow the new eyelash grafting speed. In this case, Eyelashes Glue if we use fast-drying glue, perhaps the eyelashes have not grafted to the glue has dried, sticky after the easy drop, dry and difficult to deal with. So beginners are more suitable for slow-drying glue.

After the beauty is familiar with the entire process, in all aspects can be handy, you can start to use some of the dry or fast-drying glue. This can improve the speed of eyelash grafting, Eyelashes Glue and most skilled nail division is more like the fast-drying glue.

The glue refers to the eyelash to take glue. First of all, we need to take the size of the soybean glue on the workbench, and then will take good eyelash root slipped into the gum and dragged out (sliding into part of the eyelash length of the half), after the prolapse, Eyelashes Glue and then use the eyelash root gently point gum can.

Because the paper cup has the same radian as our eyes, so many American eyelashes often use the paper cups to do the practice tools ~

Do not squeeze too much glue each time, the size of the soybean particle is good. We usually put false eyelashes into three equal parts, generally normal to take a single root we will use tweezers clip from the Maojian down One-third, false eyelashes to take the glue we will get from the root of the one-second to One-third or so, we put on the paper cup must be light, hand to the strength of tweezers also light, if at this time the strength of the hands of our eyelashes will be inverted, false eyelashes and paper cups contact surface also have at least One-third, put up after a two seconds with tweezers, then gently loosen tweezers on good.

The beauty of the Ciliary division should be clear, Eyelashes Glue the durability of grafting eyelashes, three points by glue, three points rely on technology, four points by maintenance. If the grafting eyelash is the ship, then the lash glue is the ship each bolt, grasps the eyelash stability.

The upper part is very dilute liquid form, the lower part is the colloid of the thick body, so if not shake evenly before use, will result in not firm, Eyelashes Glue shake the method is left and right shake, must shake a 1 minutes or so, if slightly shakes a few, then will not make glue colloid and water shape completely shake evenly, do not shake evenly in the case, will lead to the previous use of the glue also dilute, a few times after the use of the upper part of the dilute, which will lead to the remaining colloid-like thick can not be used. So use before must shake a 1 minutes shake evenly, shake into squeeze out is black-shaped only can use, this will be firm, we must remember!