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About Wearing False Eyelashes
Jan 21, 2017

False eyelashes give the girls a lot of beautiful, their eyes are large and there is a God, beauties Tianbao city bought fake eyelashes every day a lot. But you know what? wear false eyelashes to the eyes is very bad for a long time, serious damage will be the health of the eye, false eyelashes wearer, and there are many that need attention.

According to the style, false eyelashes is divided into Europe and Japan, Europe is particularly strong, Japanese effect is natural. If you are a careless MM, then please try to choose the day cheap false eyelashes-throwing, in your life, try to use natural, if some party and so on, you can select some exaggeration.

If wearing false eyelashes for a long time, is a certain degree of hazard to the eyes, such as false eyelashes easily lead to real lashes fall off, defense of the lower eyelashes, causing eye irritation, eye irritation, so wear false eyelashes on this step, be careful. When you buy a favorite after false eyelashes, to what to wear to a beautiful and healthy?

To make mixed with fake eyelashes and eyelash seem more natural, Chinese women should choose black or near-black color, wear, along the hair to gently remove adhesive to Xu thoroughly above, don't stick to the cosmetics false eyelashes, use professional makeup remover to unload the false eyelashes.