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Why wear false eyelashes
Feb 05, 2018

When it comes to false eyelashes, countless people will feel makeup too heavy (it must not be selected style), eyes uncomfortable (which is that you did not wear good), always worried about going out (glue less professional) or It took a long time (practicing more than 1 minute and a half to get, faster than the brush eyelashes) ... I myself started makeup from the junior, the basic began to wear false eyelashes for 2 years. I do not brush mascara because my eyelashes sparse brush did not exist sense; second mascara unloading when it will damage the eyelashes, I had a few root out of a distressed for a long time, simply as false eyelashes faster. And remover only need to be basic idea will not hurt the eyelashes ~ I have introduced are made of real hair, so do not feel wearing eye discomfort, but also relatively lightweight.