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What is lash extension
Jan 21, 2017

Recently featured in the girls of the industry, in addition to nail beauty Eyelash classes are also quite popular. Because of work or friends often asked, Lash extension, OK? In order to make more more about lash extension beauty, this small series to share with everyone what lash extension experience, so that more people understand the lash extension.


Lash extension is convenient, even without registration of eyes sparkle like eyeliner.

Second: character

Falls in love with beautiful eyelashes lash extension can differ according to consumer preferences, and choose your favorite, and beautiful eyelashes Division also integrated individual Eyelash root grafting to provide consumers with the best Eyelash design.

For example long long in the middle or end of eye, and then to thick or natural number. Can be adjusted. Was no graft is irregular, grafting out can actually not how makeup can have beautiful eyes.

This busy office workers or students, and not much of a makeup person is really very convenient, even makeup for the eyes look very natural and attractive.