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Use Eyelash trick
Jan 21, 2017

Just bought the fake eyelashes too beautiful, very natural, and should not be used intact, must be properly trimmed. When trimmed, eye shades of false eyelashes must density. A false eyelashes can also be cut in half, posted in his hope to strengthen the parts, such as the outer corner of the eye, eyelids Central. If you want two eyes appear closer, put a on the line; if you want to leave, just outside corner post for some a lot.

Lots of fashionable ladies like to beautify their eyes with false eyelashes, correct use of the eye appealing, while beautiful and ugly. Put false eyelashes to pay attention to skills, can't tell is true or false! So that typing out the lashes will look good!

At the edge of false eyelashes apply a little adhesive, easy to fall off at both ends, the amount should be a little more, on the adhesive not glue false eyelashes.

Then my mascara coated lashes glue. Apply adhesive before you measure the length of the eye, if too long, needs trimming fake eyelashes. Apply adhesive, apply false eyelashes carefully with tweezers when clamping, note the paint thinner should be uniform. Lin when strongest adhesion, adhesive, about 5 seconds later, adhesive when dry, to bend a bent false eyelashes, make it soft enough. Then, the eyes in the mirror, adjusting the perspective of false eyelashes, false lashes along the eyelash root, gently push. By hand in about 10 seconds or so, so true and false eyelashes blend completely. If the glue is the right amount, false eyelashes naturally combine with real eyelashes.