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The role of human hair lashes.
Jan 18, 2018

The magic of false eyelashes.

1.Increase your eyes

First of all, false eyelash should choose the ability that suits own eye type to be successful to increase the eyes.The choice of the most simple way: according to the size of your double-fold eyelid to determine the length of the false eyelash, that is to say, the eyelid is wider, false eyelash can grow more, such ability to increase the visual double-fold eyelid, and then increase the effect of tension eyes.

Tips: single eyelid or small inner double is suitable for short natural false eyelashes.


2. Change the eye

And eyeliner a truth, the choice is black cotton stalks fake eyelashes, have the effect of the elongated eyes, coupled with fluctuation look line drawing, make eyelash line, genuine, correct type is not perfect eyes.And false eyelash can conceal the shadow of upper eyelid and dark sink, raise the stereo feeling of the eye.

In addition to upper and lower eyelashes, lower lashes also change the eye type.


3.Change the ratio of five officials.

False eyelash can solve the thin, soft and not easy to finalize the eyelash, the shape of the eyelashes open allows you to immediately look like barbie dolls, eye length, size, shape change, the proportion of facial features would be different.

The lashes also have a lot of natural and realistic styles, single tufts or local lower lashes, which can also be true.