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Jan 21, 2017

Eyelid stickers on the false eyelashes, Eyelash mascara coated under, in order to achieve harmonization. Or, gently with eyeliner on the lower eyelids drawn very clearly from that of eyelashes, like the shadow of eyelashes. Can also use eyeliner eyeliner under the painting, and Sumi open by hand.

If you're an operations person who posted false eyelashes to succeed, see also beauty materials within a line of cheaper Gadgets: false eyelashes helper!

False eyelashes the appearance of AIDS, in harmony with the eyelash length circular shape, on the other side are the hand grips. Design on like elastic clip as, can stability stability clip live whole fake lashes (with small clip of Hoang o Hoang ~ compared words), let another hand convenient operation way lashes rubber of action, best of is lashes auxiliary device can a whole will fake lashes directly pressure in lashes above, light pressure can close live lashes roots location, single hand Shi force convenient, not let people scurry.