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Mink lashes
Jan 21, 2017

The popular Eyelash fashion, the last of which people respected Mei Eyelash lash extension is. Although we often go to the lash extension or often listen to the people around him about the lash extension, however, Lash extension is also a limit of our team. So now, let us first look at lash extension types.

Synthetic eyelashes

Pros: low prices, diverse styles, individual colors to choose from

Disadvantages: material is hard, heavy, easily collapse lash

Silk protein fiber eyelashes

Advantages: weight is the lightest of the three, easily collapse lashes, have a certain shape and curl

Disadvantages: less style, ranking among the three

Mink fur

Pros: close to human hair, soft natural wool, exceptionally good gloss

Cons: as with human hair, high temperature and not with hot water, trying to avoid steam bath steam/hot SPA

Natural hair

Advantages: soft, natural, but in need of care

Cons: most natural lashes are fake, even if there are, are just as lifeless and dull, especially no flexibility, not waterproof, not suitable for eyelashes grafting.