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How to make pasting false eyelash more realistic?
Jan 18, 2018

Preparation tools:

1. Eyelash clip, small scissors (eyebrow or small scissors), tweezers, false eyelash glue (transparent or black)

False eyelash is the ultimate task of false eyelashes, so the focus of preparation is to make sure that you agree on the radian and false eyelashes of your lashes, and you can do it with your eyelash curler.

Step1: adopt 3 paragraph type clip method, use eyelash clip to start from the root of eyelash, clip to eyelash end, assure the whole eyelash to want to clip.Notice that the root is not clamped too much, will make false eyelash not sticky.

Step2: oneself of eyelash do not besmear mascara, as long as clip warped is ok.

Step3: the new false eyelash can remain a small amount of glue, must use tweezers to clean it.

3. Local adhesion

The whole false eyelash in operation is not easy to control, local paste can avoid the problem that the whole eyelash two ends up.

Step1: cut the false eyelashes about 5 to 6 mm in length, close to the end of the eye, slightly longer, and slightly shorter, so that it can be operated easily.

Step2: clip the upper part of the false eyelash with the flat head forceps, the tweezer direction is parallel to the false eyelash root, lightly brush a layer of glue, do not brush too much.

Step3: apply glue to wait for a few seconds, this is the most viscous.

Step4: starting from the eye end, on the left corner of about 2-3 mm position began to stick, thumb up with tweezers, target location, grip the eyelash to jog, keep a few seconds after the eyelash is firmly stuck up.

Step5: the end of the end of the direction of the eye to stick to the rest of the false eyelashes, no need to apply mascara.

4. Whole viscosity method

The closer the false eyelashes are to their true lashes, the more realistic they look.To allow false eyelashes to adhere to the interface between the eyelids and eyelashes.

Step1: measure the length of the false eyelash first, the inside of false eyelash is inside the inside of the eye Angle 4-5 millimeter, don't need to stick inside the corner of the eye is full, the whole is a bit longer than oneself eye, redundant part is cut off.

Step2: pinch the two ends of false eyelash to push gently, let it appropriate curve, increase radian, thereby better fit the eye type.

Step3: use tweezers to pick up the whole pair of false eyelash, find the center point of the eye to stick the false eyelash, close to eyelash root first to stick good eye tail, finally the inner eye Angle also press good.

Step4: push the eyelashes gently with your finger to make it fit tightly.

Step5: draw the joint of false eyelash with black eyeliner, so that the paste step of false eyelash is completed.