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False eyelashes
Jan 21, 2017

Fake eyelashes is a kind of beauty products. Art design for the eye, eyelashes show between incitement to elfin temperament, especially designed to be transparent, color full color eyelashes shot to the face. Lots of fashionable ladies like to beautify their eyes with false eyelashes, correct use of the eye appealing. False eyelashes even though slender delicate, very fragile and, therefore, should be used with care.

There are a lot of false eyelashes.

By work divided into manual mechanism half handmade eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes.

Manual Eyelash curler: handmade, one a silk eyelashes, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But complex process, yields affected by artificial limitations.

Semi-manual eyelashes: previous procedure is to use the machine, behind the two procedures is artificially produced, Eyelash products are relatively flat, Nice.

Mechanism of eyelashes: the main machine, but there are a few of the use manual. Product appearance beautiful, low cost, production,

By purpose:, artificial eyelashes, doll eyelashes, film eyelashes Festival lashes daily lashes.

Doll eyelashes: do dolls, doll eyelashes, thick and short cute.

Video lashes: after wear, eye of the icing is very obvious, suitable photographic make-up, stage makeup, etc.

Simulation of eyelashes: design is a unique, personalized eyelashes, basic materials are very realistic real lashes, longer than the others, more dense, suitable for drama, stage or special makeup.

Holiday lashes: Halloween, Halloween, Mardi Gras, football festival holiday special.

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