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After receiving the lashes considerations
Jan 21, 2017

Not habitual rubbing eyes

If the person you are habitual rubbing your eyes, it is recommended that before the graft must make it clear to beauty Eyelash Division, General beauty Eyelash branch grafting of eyelashes, because the technology is not in place, or glue problem, if often rub your eyes after the lash extension, we will tend to cause their own eyelashes easier to drop, grafting of eyelashes will gradually drop.

Original beauty Eyelash grafting techniques, so you are not worried about rubbing your eyes out of trouble, of course, nor would not have been out, Eyelash growth is cyclical. Also with its own eyelashes fall off, fall off the level, everyone is different. Off, to a certain extent will go back up or removed, or it will be a little 尷 embarrassed, like uneven eye lashes will be asymmetric.